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Living Room


Capturing an Ocean

In 2012, my husband and I moved to a little place on the Gulf of Mexico. I had very definite ideas about how I wanted to decorate our new house, filling it rattan and bamboo and coloring it with the pale aquas and greens that imitated the Gulf outside. In the process I discovered and fell in love with the colors and textures of beach glass. 

But when it came to lighting fixtures to match my coastal obsession, I could find nothing that even came close to my foggy inner vision. I didn't want sea shells and sandy tones- I wanted cool aquas and soft greens and whites. And sea glass seemed to be the idea material.

So I said to myself "Self- you can make something you'll love!" And after an earlier career of 15 years in the antiques business where my specialty was buying, selling and refurbishing vintage lighting, it was an easy decision.

So I found some sea glass beads and a pretty frame and made my first sea glass chandelier. And it wasn't... quite right. I't wasn't exactly what I wanted.

But my friend adored it, so I gave it to her and started another. And then a third. And then a fourth for another friend. And at that point I realized "Dang, this is an expensive hobby- I better sell one of these!"

So Coastal Radiance Lighting was born

Since that day and many chandeliers later, we moved from the soft warm breezes of the Texas Gulf to the rugged Pacific coast of Washington state and my beloved husband has passed away. Despite life's changes, I find myself still working with this beautiful sea glass and being grateful that I have a craft that I can practice. God has blessed me.

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