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Coastal Chandeliers

Coastal Chandeliers by Coastal Radiance Lighting

If you crave the glorious aquamarine blues and sparkling whites of ocean waves, coastal chandeliers by Coastal Radiance Lighting can bring a dazzling impression of mother nature's wonder into your home. You can install these coastal light fixtures the same as any ceiling light.

We hand-craft each of our coastal light fixtures with strands of cultured sea glass in our Pacific Coast studio. Cultured sea glass is recycled glass tumbled in water and sand. It's a gorgeous copy of the wild sea glass that is rapidly depleting because of its wild popularity.

At Coastal Radiance Lighting, we're committed to using only cultured sea glass to conserve the dwindling resource. The colors and textures of our cultured beach glass crafted into lighting fixtures will satisfy any coastal obsession.

Cool aquas, soft greens, and whites define the colors in our coastal chandeliers. These beautiful coastal light fixtures are functional beauty—they're art for your home. We work to recreate the beauty and serenity of the seashore with artisanal lighting.

No matter your décor, Coastal Radiance Lighting can create sea glass lighting fixtures you'll love. Pick from one of our many designs. Or have us create custom coastal light fixtures that fit perfectly with your décor.

For example, you'll find an incredible variety of sea glass lighting fixtures, from waterfall-style chandeliers to beach cottage chic coastal décor lighting. Imagine glorious aquamarine blue as it cascades from the top of one of our coastal chandeliers. It flows into sea green cultured sea glass and finally clear glass, like waves crashing upon the shore.

You can also choose the metal frame in white, satin nickel, hammered black or oiled bronze. Whether you pick one of our designs or work with us to create custom coastal chandeliers, we make them all order. Get in touch today.

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